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Our creations are described below along with the pictures of some of our works and production phases.

FLOORING AND COVERINGS: various options are available and can be chosen by our customers according to their needs; the most common options are listed below:

  • regular mosaic (thickness cm. 2/4),
  • thin mosaic (thickness cm. 1/2),
  • garden mosaic,
  • small blocks thickness cm. 4/6, 6/8, 8/10,
  • 15x15,
  • 15x31,
  • Various sizes are available on request (20 lengthwise, 30 lengthwise etc.).

Still on request, we have finished products such as sills, thresholds or any other thing that you may need and different materials as you may prefer.

SLABS FOR ROOFING: our company is engaged in the excavation and processing of the serpentine; as a consequence, we follow the entire process of how a shapeless slab becomes a serpentine slab.

Our slabs for roofing come in different thicknesses:

  • Thickness cm. 1,2/1,5
  • Thickness cm. 1,5/1,8
  • Thickness cm. 2/2,2

All of them are resistant and can last 100 years.


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